Weekly Links

  1. i love remembering little things that at some point made me smile, so i’m obsessed with this calendar idea
  2. i’m only 18, and i already have a whole lot of people waiting for me to turn 21
  3. i’m obsessed with weddings and photography, and like the title says: these are impossibly fun
  4. honestly, what’s better than only needing two ingredients?!
  5. your happiness is truly important – it’s the little things
  6. cats. because cats.
  7. i’m all about bucket lists
  8. pancakes!! international versions!! nom nom nom
  9. frozen was my first disney movie experience! you need to see this (because it’s beautiful/amazing/incredible – the lead girl is 11!) and this (because it’s hilarious). obsessed with both of them
  10. how yummy does this chocolate-almond oatmeal smoothie recipe look?

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