Weekly Links

  1. you should take a few minutes to wish this kiddo a happy birthday (and while you’re at it, check out the awesome video my sorority made for him!)
  2. i think mysterious stuff like this is too damn awesome
  3. owls are cool. cake is yummy. this owl cake is cool and (probably) yummy.
  4. don’t worry, be happy
  5. this photograph was in my local paper six years ago and i still remember looking at it for the first time
  6. street art makes me wish i was creative or talented or anything, really
  7. these woodsy pictures are gorgeous and immediately transport me to where they were taken
  8. i guess i’m on an art kick? idk but this is so cool for so many reasons
  9. woah.
  10. i live in boston. i like food. so like…

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