Weekly Links

  1. i like food and i like traveling. check out 50 of the world’s best breakfasts
  2. a real TSM. this is what being in a sorority is all about
  3. in my comm textbook: “In her study of gender stereotypes in mediation, or informal dispute resolution, she manipulated transcripts of mediations so that half the time Person A was identified as male and Person B as female, and half the time the reverse occurred. In each case, the person labeled as female was rated more negatively than when the same person was labeled as male.” so that’s horrifying. watch this. get fired up.
  4. if babies don’t make you smile, then i just don’t know what to tell you
  5. also, cats.
  6. i don’t know if i would ever be brave enough to travel alone, but if you are, all power to you
  7. i’m trying to be healthier. (my version of a diet is quinoa all day erryday)
  8. no clue why, but i really love looking at cool little “life hack” ideas
  9. the whole idea of a “forest of death” is terribly dark and morbid, but fascinating nonetheless
  10. a really neat collection of little, inspiring thoughts/ideas

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