Quick Update!

So my laptop is broken… I have a ton of stuff due this week so that’s certainly been a bummer. Thank goodness for roommates with two laptops and google drive!

I’ve been hardcore neglecting this blog lately. School has been insane. I’ve been stressing myself out a lot lately because I’ve had really good grades so far and I don’t want to let them slip in the last few weeks. Pressure’s ON.

Recently, I heard about this thing called 100 Happy Days. I’m not entirely sure what it is or if it even really is anything, but my new goal is to post a picture at least once a day of something that made me smile. I think it’ll help me see the positive little things in everyday life and will make my transition to summer easier.

Hopefully I’ll actually stick to this. I want to pick up weekly links again and just start posting about my day more often. I think I kind of feel like my average day doesn’t matter and I only want to post when things are shitty, but then I get bored with my own ranting. So here’s to posting more often, even when all I have to say is what I ate for dinner. šŸ™‚


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