100 Happy Days: Day 6

Lots of things made me happy today. Yeah, I was up late writing a paper and then had to get up and go to an 8 AM, but right after, I grabbed breakfast at Becky’s with Mary. During class, I posted a link to pictures of cute babies in suits to Dani’s wall and she commented back something along the lines of now knowing how she would spend her days once she had babies. I said “as long as you send me pictures of your babies, I fully support that”. And then I got this text out of the blue. Nothing makes me happy like hearing how much someone love me, and I couldn’t help but smile when Dani said she sees us being friends forever. I also dealt with Elle today. Poor girl had a pretty rough day yesterday, and of course, nothing made me happier than being there for her. I love being trusted; I love when people open up to me and let me help them. Getting this text from her after all of that filled my heart with joy. I absolutely adore this girl and hearing her call me one of her best friends… Well, there’s no feeling quite like it. Then I was supposed to have a movie/cuddle night with Rosie, but she had to take care of a friend. Ended up going to Boloco and Wollastons with Ashley and spending the night in my room with her. It was so nice to have some alone time with her – we both definitely needed it. We’re only on day 6, but so far, all of my happy moments have been moments filled with love. I’m already learning a lot about myself and what I need to be happy.


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