Having Sharon in Sigma is getting more and more and more and more difficult each day. I was already kind of disappointed that my snap to her from the hospital was responded to with just a picture of her having fun at Kicks for Kids.. and then I get a “so foot diagnosis?” text (9 hours later). Way to be concerned. So that was frustrating. Then I see the Instagram picture of her and Maddie with the hashtag “obsessed”. That hurt. (sidenote: also kinda bummed me out that Maddie posted the picture of her and Sharon from formal with the lovey dovey caption) Then I hear her coming through the bathroom. Door opens. It’s Sofia. They come through and Sharon’s all “omg em you’re gonna die”. I GET THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW THE STORY. Then Sof gets a text and… shows it to Sharon. Then they leave. Together. To the library. Sofia had a room booked, and Sharon “had to meet Maddie”. I’m worried about Sharon and Maddie becoming a thing. And Emma and Elle are a thing. And then there’s me.


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