50 Things Every College Senior Wishes They Knew Freshman Year

Thought Catalog

Pitch PerfectPitch Perfect

Your first year of college should be the craziest time of your life and consist of many solo cups, “wish-you-hadn’ts,” and a few pointless attempts at finding yourself. At least, that’s what my first year at UF included. Many people tried to calm me down and get me to focus on the more lasting and important things, but I was too busy having the time of my life. Little did I know, by the time I reached my senior year, less than a month from graduation, I would finally understand what they were all talking about.

1. Build a name for yourself EARLY on. Oh, you had a 6.29 GPA and were the most popular girl in high school? That’s cool. No one gives a flying fuck. Higher education is an entirely different chess board and ALL students are pawns that no one cares about until you make…

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