14 Essential Life Truths To Live By

Thought Catalog

You teach people how to treat you. And it’s directly related to how you feel about yourself, which is to say that if you see a predominance of assholes in your life, it’s time to get rid of both them and whatever is attracting them. No need to feel bad about this, because…

Being aware of why you’re doing certain things is the first step in changing things. Never underestimate the power of knowing why you’re attracting unhealthy or frustrating situations/people into your life. But remember…

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Change is just a theory unless it’s put into action. We can try to think ourselves into a new life, but it won’t happen unless we actually put in the time and effort to change. First step is knowing that…

People can only love you to the amount you love yourself. Nobody can love you enough that it changes…

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