She loved life, and it loved her right back.

I always loved this quote, but never understood it. You can’t just decide to love life, I thought. I had considered myself a happy person, but I didn’t love life. I liked it. And life didn’t love me. It was fine to me, sure. But it didn’t love me.

Senior year and the summer before college were rough. Really rough.

Then I got to Northeastern and my life became a fairytale. My suite mates were (and still are!) the most wonderful friends of all. How lucky is that? Within two weeks, I knew who my sophomore year roommates would be. I went through sorority recruitment, accepted a bid from Sigma Sigma Sigma, and ran down the stairs of Ell Hall into a mass of girls who I know will have my back for the rest of my life. 

It took a little bit of love from life to starting loving it, but that kick was all I needed. For a few months, I loved life, and it loved me right back. 

I’m not back to where I was before college, thank god. But I’m not as happy as I was those first few months of freshman year. Honestly, that’s the happiest I’ve ever been. And there’s a number of things contributing to my current not-ecstatic-about-life-ness. So I’m on a mission: get back to that state of mind. I want to love life.

This blog isn’t meant to be a diary. I’ll most definitely be posting some personal pieces, but I’m also thinking links to articles, recipes, pictures. Random, cool, fun stuff. We’ll see.

I have absolutely no idea where I’m going with this quite yet, but thanks for coming along for the ride.


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